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Bishop Fights Back

20 October 2006

One-Eyed Willy is about half the size of Bishop.  That, of course, means that the little runt picks a fight whenever he can.  I’ve gotten used to them chasing each other around the house, up and down the stairs, and when they can’t stop in time, running into walls.  This time, though, Willy got  a bit more than he bargained for…

Don’t worry, Bishop didn’t really take a chunk out of Willy.  It was just a funny moment to catch on film.  (They play around, but they never hurt each other.  I don’t want anybody out there thinking they’re not well taken care of.) 

Willy says hi

23 September 2006

My little One-Eyed-Willy doesn’t want to leave me alone while I’m trying to type, so I’m just going to let him post and get it out of his system.  🙂

k,mmmrfgtt             glrftdt

Not helping

28 July 2006

We’re in the middle of a major move.  I’ve done way too many loads of laundry and divided my wardrobe into what I can and absolutely cannot live without for three months.  The suitcases are getting packed now.  And Bishop and Willy are most definitely NOT helping, but they are having fun burrowing in clean clothes and claiming the suitcases as their own. 


Catnip Anyone?

27 July 2006

Willy is insane.  And this picture proves it.  My little one-eyed wonder is constantly doing strange things.  I just happened to get lucky and capture it on film.

Yes, that really is his tongue. 

Meet Willy

5 April 2006

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This is Willy.  (Yes, I’m a Goonie.)  He lost his eye before we adopted him from a local shelter.  They told us it had been severely infected and had to be removed.  We think it stunted his growth a bit, but he makes up for it with an excess of mischievous energy.   

Meet Bishop

29 March 2006

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This is Bishop with his beautiful fremen eyes.