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10 February 2007

Being a child of the 80’s, I watched a lot of movies when I was little.  Some I remember perfectly and I’ve seen hundreds of times.  The Goonies, The Neverending Story and The Hobbitpretty much defined my chilhood tastes.  And really, not much has changed since then. 

Star Wars was, of course, a constant throughout my life.   

I had a healthy dose of Krull, Red Sonja and The Beastmaster thrown in to prepare me for the “adult” fantasy world.  In other words, there was no possible way that I wasn’t growing up to play RPG’s and go to faire in garb.

There were some movies however that I only saw while very young and for a long time only remembered the most random parts…

There’s a little girl.  And she lives down in the sewers and there’s a big fan.  Dad, what movie is that?  He naturally had no idea what I was talking about.  It wasn’t until years later while watching the movie again that I recognized it:  Aliens.  I didn’t remember the monsters or Ripley.  I remembered Newt hiding in the sewer.

One of my most cherished toys was a little dog-like creature.  It’s joints were silver and it had a face almost like a teddy bear.  I loved it.  I don’t know why or what it was, but I love it.  What was it?  Daggot from the original Battlestar Galactica.

Now this last one, I only very recently uncovered.  I had only a name to go off of…Kuruku.  And I knew that he was a puppet no one loved because I remember making my own out of thread spools and pipe cleaners so I could loved him.  I also knew it was anime.  I have spent years searching for the film and searching online for the name.  Finally I found it…Unico in the Island of Magic.  It is unfortunately very difficult to find and only available on VHS in English.  However, one kind soul has posted it on You Tube and I was able to watch the movie once again.  Once I did, so many  other memories flooded back. 

I’ve finally found Kuruku and with it, a precious piece of my childhood. 


16 October 2006

Tonight I’ll be staying up til the wee hours of the morning in hopes of catching part of the meteor shower.  It’s been over a year since I’ve live anywhere conducive to seeing anything but the moon in the night sky and I’m looking forward to it.

I used to spend hours outside staring up at the night sky and just watching.  And since I have such great viewing conditions in my little village here, I might just have to start thinking about investing in a decent little telescope again. 

The Orioninds aren’t a bad show.  Usually 20-25 an hour, mostly quickly little ones.  Best view is the 17th-25th from 0100 to 0600 hrs.  It’s worth staying up late (or getting up really early). 

The Sun! It still exists.

4 October 2006

It has been cold and gray and raining nonstop for the last three days here in my little corner of Germany.  After a night of howling wind, it’s finally stopped.  The sun shines again and all is well with the world. 

Pardon me while I go outside and frolic. 

Be jealous

21 September 2006

This, my dear friends, is a view of my new hometown.  The little dorf (village) is nestled in the valley here.  The hill the picture is taken from is part of a nature preserve that starts almost in our back yard.  And the forest you see is the edge of the Black Forest.

Be very jealous.  🙂

And then start making travel plans; we’ve got a great guest room.



19 September 2006

Avast ye scurvy dogs.  It be talk like a pirate day!

I’m not dead yet!!

22 August 2006

I’m still around…kind of.  It’ll be another three weeks before I have an internet connection.  Currently, it’s the library and internet cafes.  Neither places too conducive to updating.  But, I’m here and soon I’ll be posting again.

It’ll also be another few weeks before I have my DVD player and copy of the Holy Grail.  Here’s to an empty house and nothing to do…

Long Flight

27 July 2006

I just got home from a series of long flights and tough travel.  While bored on the plane, I snapped a few shots out the window and I’m pretty happy with how well my little camera did.

And this one was part of the storm that meant being diverted and then sleeping in the airport to catch a flight the next morning.  Not fun.

Happiness is…

20 June 2006

…breaking through the worst case of writer's block I've ever had!

Life finally calmed down enough to let my mind start working properly again.  Yay!  I'm not creatively crippled forever!   

I’ve been away too long.

19 May 2006

I've been away far too long.  From my blog, from writing in general.  From life.

The past six weeks have been busy, full of muddled emotions.  The experts agree their are five stages of grief, but that doesn't meet they come in an orderly fashion.  Anger and sorrow play off each other pausing only when the intensity turns into numbness.

It's been three years, but I'll never get over the death of my mother.  Seeing signs that the rest of my family has only hurts more.  At my grandmother's wake a few weeks ago, everyone thought it would be comforting to hear that they were now reunited in heaven.  That is was all part of God's Plan.  Bullshit.

It might be selfish; it might make me a bad person, but I would so much rather they were here.      

Their absence is a pain that will always linger.  Sometimes quietly and sometimes screaming against the storm, but always there. 


8 April 2006

So the new season of Ghost Hunters on SciFi is finally here. All I have to say is: Yay! I inherited a rather large dose of interest in paranormal investigation from my dad and have watched a lots of shows that set out to investigate a haunting. While the psychics have their place, TAPS actually investigates.

They set out to debunk the reports of paranormal activity instead of instantly assuming that the gust of wind from the open window at the end of the hall slamming the door shut was the family ghost.  They know their stuff and the show is entertaining even when they don't find evidence of paranormal activity. 

Wednesday nights 9/8c on SciFi.  Check it out.