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I can breathe!

22 October 2006

This might not seem exciting to anybody else, but after being stuffed up for two weeks, I’m pretty freakin’ happy about it.  I don’t know what kind of bug I managed to catch, but I haven’t had a cold like that in years. 

Welcome to Europe.  Here, please sample our viruses

Sigh.  I’m just glad it’s over.  I HATE being sick.    

Bishop Fights Back

20 October 2006

One-Eyed Willy is about half the size of Bishop.  That, of course, means that the little runt picks a fight whenever he can.  I’ve gotten used to them chasing each other around the house, up and down the stairs, and when they can’t stop in time, running into walls.  This time, though, Willy got  a bit more than he bargained for…

Don’t worry, Bishop didn’t really take a chunk out of Willy.  It was just a funny moment to catch on film.  (They play around, but they never hurt each other.  I don’t want anybody out there thinking they’re not well taken care of.) 


16 October 2006

Tonight I’ll be staying up til the wee hours of the morning in hopes of catching part of the meteor shower.  It’s been over a year since I’ve live anywhere conducive to seeing anything but the moon in the night sky and I’m looking forward to it.

I used to spend hours outside staring up at the night sky and just watching.  And since I have such great viewing conditions in my little village here, I might just have to start thinking about investing in a decent little telescope again. 

The Orioninds aren’t a bad show.  Usually 20-25 an hour, mostly quickly little ones.  Best view is the 17th-25th from 0100 to 0600 hrs.  It’s worth staying up late (or getting up really early). 

The Sun! It still exists.

4 October 2006

It has been cold and gray and raining nonstop for the last three days here in my little corner of Germany.  After a night of howling wind, it’s finally stopped.  The sun shines again and all is well with the world. 

Pardon me while I go outside and frolic.