So the new season of Ghost Hunters on SciFi is finally here. All I have to say is: Yay! I inherited a rather large dose of interest in paranormal investigation from my dad and have watched a lots of shows that set out to investigate a haunting. While the psychics have their place, TAPS actually investigates.

They set out to debunk the reports of paranormal activity instead of instantly assuming that the gust of wind from the open window at the end of the hall slamming the door shut was the family ghost.  They know their stuff and the show is entertaining even when they don't find evidence of paranormal activity. 

Wednesday nights 9/8c on SciFi.  Check it out. 


One Response to ““Dude,run!””

  1. Justin Says:

    Did you see the one where they went to the Worcester Centrum?

    and the second episode of the season had a thermal of a pair of legs running across a hallway… with no torso.

    I love this show.

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