What does a lion say?

Lily's vocabulary grows everyday.  She's now thankfully learned "egg" so she's stopped having "babies" for breakfast.  In fact, she's got quite a few food names down.

She's nice enough now on the phone to count for me.  All the way to ten and usually with all the numbers.  There really aren't any guarantees, though, that seven, eight and nine will be in order.  She also sings the first four letters of the alphabet song over and over. 

All of these things are great, but the funniest words she knows are animal sounds.  She's got meow, but her quack sounds like it came from a rabid duck.  It is funny though.  In our most recent conversation, her mom prompted her to show off.  Lily likes showing off.  It just never goes quite as her mommy planned.

"Lily, what does a cow say?"

"Moo.  Mooooo."

"Very good.  What does a lion say?"


Lions of the world take notice:  You no longer roar; you say, "Uh-oh."

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