Spring and Missionaries

It’s almost spring.  Frost is a thing of the past.  Buds are beginning to open on the trees and daffodils and tulips have sprouted and proudly show the season’s first blooms.  The whole world seems to shrug off winter and rejoice in the rebirth of spring. 

Including the odd overly-friendly people that canvas my neighborhood with invitations to their super fun church that’s “just down the street, you see, there’s a map on the back of that card there.”

No thanks.  I rarely comply with people who accost me on the street for any purpose even if they believe themselves to be acting on behalf of my immortal soul.  My soul’s doing well enough and while I appreciate your need to feel you’ve made the world a better place by filling your church’s pews for Easter…I’m not interested.

And while you may feel the strange need to pray incessantly for this little soul showing a few too many pagan tendencies, do me a favor and consider this…You cannot make my peace with any church for me or anyone else.  It’s a path we each must find and follow on our own. 

Let me enjoy the spring and spare me the curbside arguments and sermons. 

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