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What does a lion say?

31 March 2006

Lily's vocabulary grows everyday.  She's now thankfully learned "egg" so she's stopped having "babies" for breakfast.  In fact, she's got quite a few food names down.

She's nice enough now on the phone to count for me.  All the way to ten and usually with all the numbers.  There really aren't any guarantees, though, that seven, eight and nine will be in order.  She also sings the first four letters of the alphabet song over and over. 

All of these things are great, but the funniest words she knows are animal sounds.  She's got meow, but her quack sounds like it came from a rabid duck.  It is funny though.  In our most recent conversation, her mom prompted her to show off.  Lily likes showing off.  It just never goes quite as her mommy planned.

"Lily, what does a cow say?"

"Moo.  Mooooo."

"Very good.  What does a lion say?"


Lions of the world take notice:  You no longer roar; you say, "Uh-oh."

Meet Bishop

29 March 2006

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This is Bishop with his beautiful fremen eyes. 

Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in?

28 March 2006
You scored as Serenity (Firefly). You like to live your own way and don't enjoy when anyone but a friend tries to tell you should do different. Now if only the Reavers would quit trying to skin you.

Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in?
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Anyone surprised?  No?

I didn't think so. 

Time for Whiskey

27 March 2006

I have grand plans for this evening involving a shot glass and a lovely bottle of whiskey.  The occasion…today should have been my mother's fifty-first birthday. 


A Conversation

21 March 2006

“What are you doing?”

“Just watching it rain.”

“Mmm.  It’s a nice rain, warm and soft…”

“It’s a storm that’s lost its fury. Now, it’s just slowly bleeding to death, too weak to lash out at its end. Too tired and spent to avenge itself.”

“Maybe it wanted to end with peace.”

“Maybe it was just defeated.”

“It’s just conserving its power for next time.”

“No, it’s dead.  There won’t be a next time.”


I can only pray indulgence on this one…It’s been a tough week.

On Old Friends

20 March 2006

Some friends stay with you forever.  Even if you haven't talked to them in months or years, they still hold a piece of your heart.  There's a fondness there for all the old inside jokes.  For Orange Juice and The Four Horsemen.  For midnight raids on Bancroft Tower and Chucky.  The memories make me smile as do thoughts of the people I share those memories with.

I'm pretty bad at staying in touch with the friends who meant the most to me.  I can only hope that they know I think of them way more that I email. 

The past couple weeks have been full of people getting back in touch with me.  It's strange how things happen all at once like that.

Most of them really were, and still are, wonderful friends who I am thrilled to talk to.  But there are a couple who crept into the happy mix and I have to wonder how.  Those are the creepy ones.  The ones that you barely talked to in high school, but were nice to out of courtesy.  Ten years later, they send an email wanting to catch up like you were best friends… 

Actually there's just one creepy one.  Guy from high school, always a big loser.  Honestly, I hadn't spared a moment thinking of him until he emailed me.  And then I had to wonder what must his life be like to reach out to long-expired acquaintances.  Does he really have no one else from our alma mater to connect with?  How many "Hey, long time, how have you been?" emails did he send out?  I'll return the greeting, but the communication will be shallow and quickly wane.  He's just not a part of those memories.

So to him, I hope the Fates treat you kind and I hope you have better friends than me.

To the rest, I could promise to email more often or send out monthly updates on my life.  Instead though, I'll promise to hold the memories close and be thankful each time our lives wind their ways back together.  Even if it's just for the span of a few lines of mail. 

Spring and Missionaries

19 March 2006

It’s almost spring.  Frost is a thing of the past.  Buds are beginning to open on the trees and daffodils and tulips have sprouted and proudly show the season’s first blooms.  The whole world seems to shrug off winter and rejoice in the rebirth of spring. 

Including the odd overly-friendly people that canvas my neighborhood with invitations to their super fun church that’s “just down the street, you see, there’s a map on the back of that card there.”

No thanks.  I rarely comply with people who accost me on the street for any purpose even if they believe themselves to be acting on behalf of my immortal soul.  My soul’s doing well enough and while I appreciate your need to feel you’ve made the world a better place by filling your church’s pews for Easter…I’m not interested.

And while you may feel the strange need to pray incessantly for this little soul showing a few too many pagan tendencies, do me a favor and consider this…You cannot make my peace with any church for me or anyone else.  It’s a path we each must find and follow on our own. 

Let me enjoy the spring and spare me the curbside arguments and sermons. 

Sweet Technology

6 March 2006

I just want to let my fingers sink into the keyboard and soak up all the glorious things I’ve missed over the past week and a half. 

I had a lovely visit with the family in New York, but I am happy to be reunited with DSL and cell phone coverage. 

Ah, sweet technology…I am back.