Lily learns to say “No!”

I have a very cute, sometimes snarky little niece.  She’s reached her terrible twos in full force, but she’s still adorable.  Since she lives pretty far away from me, I only get to talk to her over the phone.  We’ve had some very interesting conversations about Elmo and sometimes ducks and cows.  She’s good at making animal noises. 

Recently she’s been learning to count.  I’ve heard her do it in the background while talking to my sister.  She’s got one, two, and three down, but after that it’s a race to get to seven and she’s not afraid to leave out anything in between.

So, being the good aunt that I am, I try to get her to count for me over the phone.  The conversation went something like this…

“Can you count, Lily?  One…Two…Three…”


“Lily, can you count?  One..Two…”


“Lily, count.  One…Two…”

“No.  Sshhh.”

Needless to say, it was very funny.  Watch out, World, Lily has learned to say, “No!”

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