Hand over the voodoo doll

Two weeks ago, it was a simple cold.  It decided to become a sinus infection.  No problem, not a big deal.  A trip to the doctor and an antibiotic later, I’m feeling much better.

All is well.  For a week anyway.  That’s when my body catches on to the presence of the antibiotic and protests.  For whatever twisted reason, it decides not to like the medication anymore because allergic reactions are so much more fun.

Sigh.  A trip to the e.r. and an injection later, I’m well enough to go home.  After a few days of the really good antihistamines, which I have to admit were a bit fun to be on, I’m feeling better.

That would be the cue to step on a piece of glass.  More annoyance, than actual injury.  But it does make me think that’s enough.  Whoever has it, it’s time to hand over the voodoo doll. 


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